Standard Edition

Standard Edition

tenga five essentials

The Joy-stick of pleasure!
With the Rolling Head Cup, you are now free to discover the range of sensations to the tip of your shaft that the adoption of a flexible body has made possible. Try movements interchanging back-and-forth, right-and-left and rolling motions.

How many times TENGA Onacup can be used?
All TENGA Onacup series and Onacap have been designed to be disposed. We would like you to have the best experience with TENGA in a perfect hygiene. 
However, some users can utilize TENGA Onacup more than one time if they...

1) Don’t ejaculate inside 
2) Using condom to play
3) Washing it after used (Difficult to wash & dry)

However, this is not recommended. We highly suggest you to use TENGA 3D, FLIP-AIR LITE and FLIP HOLE, as it can be used more than 50+ times in perfect condition. We will not be responsible for any wrong use on the products and for other purposes. Besides, TENGA is a personal product and should not be shared or used by other people.

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