YARUN Lubricant  60ML

YARUN Lubricant 60ML

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YaRun lubricant is water-soluble, non-greasy and absolutely genuine.
Water soluble, non-greasy, crystal clear lubricant, comfortable lubrication, superb smooth and increase pleasure.

Adopt international popular water-soluble gel drawing, not greasy, bright and transparent, comfortable lubrication, can significantly improve the sensitivity during sex, increased vaginal lubrication, increase pleasure, to extend the time for sex, inhibition of virus infection, feeling wonderful. Lubricant to lubricate the body, excited, reduced vaginal and disinfection functions perfectly combined to make sex fun. This product is suitable for sexy weak, low libido, or sex, and discharge less of women, not men held firm, the difficulties of life who have a good supporting role.

Usage: To open the cap, squeeze out the amount and smear in the vagina or penis before sexual intercourse.


YA RUN lubricant

YA RUN Lubricant real phone

Ya Run Lubricant 60ML

Ya Run Lubricant transparent

Ya Run lubricant packaging

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