NPG - Chinkoki! Listen to your dad! ( Hina)

NPG - Chinkoki! Listen to your dad! ( Hina)

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Communal life of three sisters and excitement of the Sailor is too jealous, Hall is a parody of the popular anime. Package was as good as the picture is not comparable to the original, they will be excited fan.
Three sisters, "Miu second daughter", "Sora eldest daughter", is "Hina three woman."
The body is fairly small size, but a strong smell and oily feel anxious, and you do not need to wash it several times.
Contents of the bottom line is no different structure straight three-dimensional system.
Is a place for feeling wrapped material dignity and do not have a certain size is cut in half, compatibility with the mini hall not good mediocre anxious, until texture of the inner wall is not felt very much as try to insert is about a step of a larger structure barely comes through. However, the taste of dignity to reasonable material, it does not come in tired enjoy the stimulation by the complex internal structure is a big attraction. If you want to enjoy a long slow pleasure, if the original Anime Favorite Girl Mania is a product valuable enough to buy it with the URL for download wallpaper.


  • Weight: 132g
  • length: 12cm
  • Material: Realistic Feel
  • Does not contain latex
  • Does not contain phthalates
  • Waterproof? Submersible

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chinkoki listen to your dad
listen to your dad hina
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