NPG - Hidachitukko Onaholes

NPG - Hidachitukko Onaholes

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Ona hole of gimmick -board which arrived from NPG. Several muscle thing " connection fold " is not over to the inside of the vagina , and it is in the structure that is entangled in the penis and crunchy .

" Bangee Shake " While a small & V groove , this product has adopted the texture of warts based on double structure . The number of strings called " connection folds " Many in the " Grants Bangee Shake " the same level , the identity of this work unique features in its own way .

Texture characteristics in something totally different with " material Bangee Touck" of RIDE JAPAN, Fuwa Toro feel softer considerably from the outer . It is similar to the " dignity of Meiki " somehow , but embrace a sense of dignity about system is unlikely to be so thin .

In addition, the smell of oil drifts with sticky For the Ona hole of recent , but because it is improved to some extent if I wash it once , those who are worried Let firm wash before use .

Folds Large and small glimpses inside the vaginal wall of pale pink If you look at the entrance . Ibohida with the roundness entangled in penis when you insert , " folds connection " to accent is out the face from time to time.

Characteristics of the strings is a much more modest " Bangee Shake " , presence is a little thin for material softer .

However, since the entire vaginal wall and come in close contact with the penis , Zorizori sense of Ibohida is very strong , this person will feel comfortable for some people this work . In addition , pleasure unpredictable born for " connection folds " are also arranged at random angles , involuntarily during a stroke and will " Ofu~tsu ! " Ttonari .

It is located in the middle as " Bangee Shake " and " Bangee Shake Grants " in the performance pleasure , but seasoning will vary considerably .

Likes and dislikes are as divided by the shop at the same ramen and curry , should Onaho while the same system as " Bangee Shake " , this work also get the impression very different When I use .

Given the ejaculation power and this specification , cost performance is significantly enhanced .

The person was inexperienced and while interested and those who felt lacking something in the " Bangee Shake " , it would be How about taste the depth of Ona hole Try than both on this occasion ?


  • Weight: 270g
  • length: 164cm
  • Material: Realistic Feel
  • Double Layer Sturcture
  • Spiral Hole design
  • Lotion Included
  • Non-air release hole type masturbator

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NPG hidachitukko
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