NPG - Meiki No Hinkaku Nana Ayano Onahole

NPG - Meiki No Hinkaku Nana Ayano Onahole

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This tight camel toe hole will invite you in for a swirling intimate embrace. With Meiki No Hinkaku Nana Ayano Onahole, she will always be ready for your member to slide in and make itself home. It comes with a vibrator that  can be easily inserted in the sleeve, for better stimulation and pleasure.
It offers up a fantastically clingy, discreetly detailed opening to be taken advantage of however desire dictates. Japan NPG Meiki No Hinkaku Nana Ayano Onahole gives a sensation like no other- the ultra smooth texture is pliably supple, stretching, clinging and retaining its sexy elasticity like real skin. Warming quickly to body heat with touch and play, the fantastic feel is only enhanced by that intensely textured interior and the squeezable, easily held shape.
The soft-lipped little opening leads to a highly textured inner chamber designed to deliver extreme stimulation. Running through the middle of the double layered structure is a snug, ribbed and uniquely noded chamber that, as well as providing unbeatable suction. It has 3 built-in rings to give a tighter feeling to your manhood as you enter and feel her giving you an even more fantasy-worthy feel.

Product Features:

  • Double-layered structure
  • Features 3 built-in rings for tighter feeling
  • Comes with a removable vibrator
  • Includes pussy juices lubricant
  • Non-air release hole type masturbator


  • Weight (Product): 682 g (24.05 oz)
  • Length (Product): 110 mm (4.3")
  • Width (Product): 85 mm (3.3")
  • Weight (Include Package): 1097 g (38.69 oz)
  • Length (Package): 230 mm (9")
  • Width (Package): 160 mm (6.3")
  • Thickness (Package): 110 mm (4.3")
  • include Lubricant

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