EXE - Kupaa Kirara Asuka Onahole

EXE - Kupaa Kirara Asuka Onahole

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Spread her pussy lips like those lucky guys always get to do in her AV releases with the Kupaa Kirara Asuka Onahole, which replicates the you-know-what of one of Japan's top porn stars. Seriously weighty and realistic, this masturbator is designed for enjoying maximum pleasure with Kirara's pussy as you open her lips to release the air inside before plunging in yourself. Flip her over and enjoy pressing down between her butt cheeks. Then slide into the tunnel, where your member encounters a series of nubs that squeeze you down to a chamber of swirls and then a final bed of nodes that tickle you in just the right way.

The Kupaa Kirara Asuka Onahole features:

  • Based on AV/porn star Kirara Asuka (and AV film "Omanko Kupaa Kirara Asuka" SNIS484)
  • Length: 155mm (6.1")
  • Width: 130mm (5.1")
  • Weight: 850g (30 oz)
  • Includes lubricant (optional Kirara Asuka Love Juice Lotion available)
  • Non-air release hole type masturbator
  • Made in Japan
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