GALUKA - AV Massager ( USB Rechargeable)

GALUKA - AV Massager ( USB Rechargeable)

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The Galuka AV massager stick is best known for its exquisite design.
The rod body streamline design, fully embody the soft curves of the female, ergonomic handle science, give a person the most comfortable grip experience, with the bright dazzling colors, be worthy of the name is beautiful.
The whole network's most popular AV Squirt massager, masturbation and foreplay fun double love essential weapon!
Japanese AV Movie highest frequency products,Whopping fun tool with an adjustable, up to 11,000 revolutions per minute super-quake!
Perfect for the pro - Squirting experience!
It appeared --- is Squirting moment!


  • Material: ABS + silicone.
  • 8 Speed x 8 Frequence
  • Strong vibration
  • Your hands will not feel shake when you hold it .
  • You can use it massage any part of your body.
  • Color - White
  • USB Rechargeable

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