New KEY - Clee Men Delay Spray - Prolong tahan lama

KEY - Clee Men Delay Spray - Prolong tahan lama

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READY STOCK !! USA CLEE MEN DELAY SPRAY PROLONG NO DUMD 15ML TAHAN LAMA Three kinds of natural ingredient combination:

1. The plant essential oil extraction selected fine delay plant, through repeatedly refined, cold soak, technique such as distillation extraction.

2. The slow shot technology: with professional team of researchers, research, and effective to achieve lasting time delay and no numbness.

3. The time delay maintenance of traditional Chinese medicine: the ancient and modern Chinese emperors used to delay, preserve one's health, maintenance of special drugs.Such as: Chinese cynomorium, dodder, saffron, desertliving cistanche, rare medicinal herbs. Use method and matters needing attention:

1. So the only no numbness, joined the slow shot with the latest technology import delay time can be fluid.

2. Prior to using baby clean, pay attention to health.30-50 minutes before sex (best) spray coating in the champions league, and coronary sulcus in the v groove 3 cm sensitive areas (no need to spray coating to the stem, the glans penis and urethra).Gently massage for 1 minute or so, uniform liquid absorption.Bath does not affect the delay effect (about 30 minutes after use).

3. Please grasp the dosage.If is not easy to control, can stick sticky liquid cotton apply it in a circle in the crown v groove.

4. 1 ml bottle.Due to differences in each person's own constitution, the effect of the volatile products can also be differences, first choice recommended to use the lowest dosage (0.1 0.2 ml) spray coating, used a few times, according to oneself circumstance, can adjust dosage (dosage generally not more than 0.4 ml), spray bottle is about 0.1 ml, please do not use too much, so as not to affect the effect.

5.There are severe premature ejaculation, spray coating last time, after liquid absorption, use it again.For oral sex, drug absorption volatile (30 minutes) after wash.

6. Patients with damage to the penis, impotence, skin, sensitive skin, severe prostate patients do not use.

Clee man delay spray



Clee Spray adalah spray untuk melambatkan pancutan sperma dan memberikan keseronokan berpanjangan dalam hubungan seks. Minilove di ekstrak daripada tumbuhan semula jadi dan ianya akan memberikan anda pengalaman seks yang berkualiti tinggi dan membolehkan anda menikmati seks lebih nikmat dengan selamat.

  Jika pertame kali guna, spray 1 kali sudah cukup, cuba dahulu. Spraykan pada kepala zakar dan bahagian bawah batang zakar sebanyak 2 ke 3 kali 20 minit sebelum hubungan seks. Produk ini boleh bertahan selama lebih kurang 60minit.



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