EXE - JU-C3 Onahole

EXE - JU-C3 Onahole

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EXE JU-C3 to strong contractionary
Do not really have any taste, which are very much in mind greatly silicone taste is really a blessing 
Use, you will find: no smell, does not feel sticky, oily ingredients greatly suppressed

Inside outside material with different, feels very tough, a special two-layer structure make it more durable and better cleaning, the outside is silicone, which is latex 
Packaging very fine

Use of new technologies, bring functional performance, so when you use amazement

Rouli countless folds make you crazy, constantly stimulate your head, so you can at the time of intense friction, have a strong sense coated 

Enclosing a breathable pouch, very secret, and breathable

tightening ring construction made out like folds of the female body is not so much Teignmouth wall, it would be better to say quite a bit like throat throat tight

Also easily installed in a variety of inflatable doll 
Included oversized bag aqueous lubricating fluid

The JU-C1 Onahole features:

  • Length: 150mm
  • Width: 57mm 
  • Estiamte Weight: 500g 
  • Includes lube 120ml
  • Non-air release hole type masturbator
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ju c3 varginal
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