LEVETT - Megan Prostate Massager with Delay Ejeculation

LEVETT - Megan Prostate Massager with Delay Ejeculation

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Megan is a motorized vibrator with a ring calculated to accurately stimulate the prostate gland. 
Upon mounting the ring, the endurance will be improved and further stimulation will be upgraded by further tightening. The inserted part is designed to be two-step uneven including the tip, the bulge of the tip part stimulates to push the prostate. The inner diameter of the ring is 47 mm, so it will expand and contract to a certain extent so please fit it according to your own size without impossibility. Tighten the ring around Sao and Tama and tighten, insert a powerful motor to stimulate the prostate. It is calculated so that the perineum is also stimulated with the protrusion at the part connecting the ring and the inserted part, leading to the ultimate pleasure. It is smooth and matte soft silicone material, the surface is dust resistant and keeps clean.
  • Levett Megan
  • Material:  ABS + Medical Grade Silicone
  • Overall Length: 11cm
  • Time: 3 hours of usage 
  • Silent (<50db)
  • Waterproof
  • Power : 1 x AA 5 Battries ( Included) 
  • Presented in a beautiful satin lined box
  • Color: Black

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megan Prostate Massager

Lavett megan

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