-26% MiniLove Orgasmic Gel For Women

MiniLove Orgasmic Gel For Women

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1. Benefits: female vaginal antimicrobial sterilization, health care, elimination of frigidity, increase excitement and enhance orgasm, improving female sexual experience, stimulate and enhance sexual desire, the perfect sexual experience
2.how to use:  5 minutes before sex, spray in the clitoris and female private place,to stomach looped massage to promote completely absorbed, that is ok after a few minutes.   This product also can be used with condoms, other appliances, or sex toys etc
3.product cautions
1) this product will be stored in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
2) minilove passes rigorous clinical tests and confirms that it is safe, of course,pregnant and lactating women is not recommended.
3)if allergic or uncomfortable,please stop using it immediately and wash
4)if accidentally enter the eye, immediately rinse with water
5)the product's ingredients are from natural plant extracts, without any harm to the body,no dependence.
6)before use,check the packaging is intact, if found damaged packaging should not be used.
7)avoid contact with eyes,please use this product properly placed in a place away from children



Product caution

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