Mode Design - Boss Erect Sleeve

Mode Design - Boss Erect Sleeve

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Suck dick now appeared on the "boss" series of Mode-design!
Adopted a high-purity elastomer materials, not only to eliminate the unpleasant odor and sticky, so I have a strong impression by a fearless color. It is very functional with excellent sleeve.

Compared with such as "Strong-thick sack" of A-One that was a big hit recently, but the impression a little quiet, there is a device that produces such a step on the surface of blood vessels also run several muscles, the delicate pleasure.

Because the penis is not buried in the resin enters, dickhead minutes longer particularly its. , "L" and it is small "S", you will be able to transform into a pretty wild.

Hook the testicle ring is included with the base.
For durable, high stability when mounted thicker than that of the "Strong sack very thick", can also be expected pleasure of the man by tightening effect.

In addition to ease Your endurance will increase by just mounting is fine dick suck "Boss" series brand also has elements such as cock rings.
It is a pretty good cost performance, if you want to give the best pleasure to a partner, you must buy it!!
  • Total length L=130mm
  • Cockring deameter : 4.0cm
  • Realistic design with veins and skin textures
  • Soft body safe material
  • Made in Japan by Mode Design


Boss erect sleeve

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